Top Gold Mine Company Busted for Galamsey by Minerals Commission


The fight against galamsey has taken a “sharp curve” as lots of excavators have been burnt in the process.

Latest in the news is the uncovering of the illegal activities and dealings of a mining firm – Xtra-Gold – into activities of criminality.

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A probe into dealings of Xtra-Gold at Atiwa in the Eastern Region shows it forcefully acquired land from chiefs and later use them for galamsey. It further shows that the company illegally recruits staff for this purpose.

It follows the begging of chides of Apampatia in the Eastern Region to the minister in charge of lands and natural resources to relocate the concessions from Xtra-Gold to them so they can use it for other profitable purposes like responsible mining and agriculture.

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However, officials of Xtra-Gold have declined comment on the report and other issues raised by the investigative team.


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