[Video] Rapper Amerado recounts how Drogba of Yolo Fame snatched his girlfriend from him


Rapper Amerado has recounted how Drogba of Yolo Fame snatched his beloved girlfriend from him; seems Drogba has relived his Yolo acts in real live

Amerado has said he has not been able to pushed the incident under the carpet yet and still hurts whenever he remembers.

In the studios of Onua tv, Captain Smart asked the rapper if he has ever experienced broken heart in his live, to which the rapper responded in the affirmative.

Drogba of Yolo Fame

He said before he came under the spotlight, he was in a very serious relationship with a girl who later broke up with her for no reason.

According to the rapper, he later investigated and realized that, its Drogba who came between his girl and him.

Watch the video below:


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