Activist detained for ‘poor governance’ criticism


An activist is reportedly being held at a facility for criticizing the defunct Gogrial state government over slow response to communal fighting in the area.

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Mariak Madut, who was arrested on Tuesday, is now allegedly being kept at the National Security headquarters in Juba.

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On 14th and 18th of this month, Mariak Madut, in a Facebook post, blamed the government for escalation of the inter-communal violence.

According to his uncle Agany Maler, the activist has lately been critical of governance issues in the state.

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Maler believes that Gok authorities and other politicians in Juba are behind nephew’s detention. Mr. Maler is now calling on the national security to release his nephew.

“I am urging our the government to release Mariak and free him because now in this country, we are confused. It seems there is freedom of expression and the media as stated in the constitution but if you express yourselves you will be arrested.”

Meanwhile, the national security service has not commented on the accusations.



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