Ay3ka- Donald Trump and team resort to last minute prayers & tongues to revert the election results(+video)

Donald Trump

Donald Trump who seemed to be in a comfortable lead at some point in time during the elections is now sweating like ‘fish out of water’ as Joe Biden edges closer to victory by the second.

Donald Trump has already said he will challenge the election result at the supreme court since he believes some fraudulent acts might have taken place.

Well, in a video sighted by Ghanarocks, it seems Trump’s team is putting their faith in our Lord Jesus for victory.

In a video that has gone viral, spiritual adviser, Paula White is seen leading the prayer team in a serious spiritual encounter as they summoned angels from South America, & Africa to come to their aid.

Joe Biden who is leading massively is waiting to get results from  Nevada, Arizona, and Pennsylvania to seal his victory if things go as planned.

Watch the prayer session below:


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