Ghana’s leading side chicks, Tracey Boakye (TB) and Mzbel, have been at each others throat for sometime now and they both have flooded Ghana’s social media space with hard core dirty truths about their dealings with some high profile sugar daddies in the country.

Amongst the married men rumoured to be at the centre of this fight are former President John Mahama and business magnate, Dr. Sam Jonah.

But how did the fight start?

Recall that Tracey Boakye granted an interview to one of Ghana’s famous celebrity bloggers, Zion Felix, where she responded to questions related to the current trends of some A list female celebrities in the country being gifted with Range Rovers and mansions as birthday gifts.

The Kumawood actress made mention of her cars and her 5 bedroom house located at one of Ghana’s rich neighbourhoods, East legon. And the fact that she would not show these off on social media because her ‘sponsor’ had warned of publicly displaying her wealth.

Link to the Zion Felix and Tracey Boakye interview. Click here for details (go to 17: 30 of video)

Then came Mzbel’s interview with Mona Gucci. In the said interview, the ’16 years’ hitmaker rubbished Tracey’s claims of buying Range Rover at any instance if she wanted. To Mzbel, actions speak louder than words. She further cited one of the Kardashians’ sisters who took to a car dealership to buy a fleet of cars.

Links to the Mzbel and Mona Gucci interview. Click here for details.

Back to Back Beef shades!

Following these claims by Mzbel, TB got charged up when a fake account on social media linked to Mzbel launched a scathing attack on her person. The account holder accused TB of leading a fake life by selling her punani to acquire wealth but preaches that she works to come by these goodies.

Initially, many thought TB was throwing venom on Vivian Jill, colleague Kumawood actress as she didn’t mention names. Then Mzbel subtly showed her face in the game when TB compared her (Mzbel) to her 49 year old mother. Click Nyansa for video details.

TB further launched a full assault on Mzbel where she ridiculed the latter’s old age, smelly body, nasty 🤢 and grey haired pu$$y, dented vehicle and weedy mansion. Click here for full video. Go to 8mins thereabouts for the juice 🧃 on the punani.

Mzbel, on the other hand, continued to irk TB as she claimed that she is not interested in fighting over a man and it appears that TB is being worked out by high level of frustrations due to no progress in her movements. Click no progress for Mzbel’s reply.

She even deployed her ‘small girl’, Iona Reine, to go on Facebook live to attack TB. Unfortunately, Iona had to delete the video as she did not have the balls to stand by her boss, Mzbel, and also, have her young music career marred by the ongoing scandal that doesn’t concern her.

Calls for cease fire 🔥, Apology And the Moesha Factor.

Within 48hrs of this ongoing ‘dog eat dog’ fight, TB revealed that she got calls from her seniors to slow down on the beef, citing Nana Aba Anamoah as the lead. As to what she meant by seniors, no one knows but many referenced the term as seniors in Ashawobrities. Recall that Mzbel attacked Nana Aba in one of her interviews over Prince Amoabeng of UT Bank Fame?

After the ‘seniors call’, then Moesha appeared in TB’s house! Why Moesha? Perhaps, the Association of Sugar Daddies and Side Chicks had to send the First Lady to tone it down so that she doesn’t leak names of all members. Recall that Moesha has unashamedly accepted that she lives by selling her body.

Then, TB dropped an apology to all women and of course, to her fans, but refused to render any to Mzbel. But who would do that anyway? An apology to a woman who shares bed with your sugar daddy and competes with you at all level? That would mean a lost battle 😂😂😂😂!

Big Man In The Game.

Ever since the scandal dropped, these ladies have tried to keep the name of their ‘sponsor’ under wraps but somehow, peeps have managed to gather leads on who might be the unfortunate married man in the midst of this dirty war.

Some leads have pointed to Former President John Mahama but that was quickly rubbished by one of the warring parties. Then another lead linked business magnate, Sir Sam Jonah as the sugar daddy and TB’s baby daddy but that has been rubbished too.

The Afia Schwar Factor

It is believed that controversial comedienne and actress, Afia Schwar is the brain behind TB’s attack on Mzbel. Mzbel has been a pain in Afia’s back for sometime and she has stopped at nothing to ridicule her. In one of her interviews, she alleged that Afia slept with a Chinese dog for $5,000.

Afia tried to reply but Mzbel knocked her out with her post on Instagram. She wrote, ‘I Woke up feeling like a Real Boss… B!tch your kitchen radio with no frequency and no employee couldn’t even survive with all ur loud mouth and u say watin? GTFO’

What do we know?

Well, for now, we are still digging to find the name of the ‘sponsor’ who’s throwing cash on these ladies and having his name dragged in the mud. When we do have a solid lead, we will drop the names out.

What we can confidently state without apology or fear is that these two ladies are obviously in the same league with the likes of Moesha and Chantelle Kajawu, the side chick who reduced Ghana’s National Security minister to size, contrary to the impressions they have created over the period that all the wealth they acquired were through their hard work on meaningful work.



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