Beef Steeze 🚨! Yvonne Nelson Ruthlessly Take On Gloria Sarfo

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

Celebrated Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Yvonne Nelson has descended heavily on colleague actress, Gloria Sarfo, days after going hard on her colleagues and industry stakeholders for being unsupportive of her new movie project, ‘Fix Us‘, which got premiered in the US last week.

Earlier this week, Yvonne Nelson headlined entertainment news in the country with her claims that her colleagues do not support her movie productions. She went on further to highlight claims of jealousy and hate amongst others, as the bane for lack of progress in Ghana’s movie industry.

These claims led Gloria Sarfo to call out the accuser, Yvonne Nelson, for being a hypocrite as she equally does not support works of her colleagues neither does she push their works out there for promotion. She therefore noted that Yvonne Nelson is only having a taste of her own poison.

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Well, it appears that Ms. Sarfo’s allegations irked Yvonne Nelson, owner of YN Productions as she went down on full offensive and defensive modes for not receiving any industry support when she was given a ban back in 2010 and for fielding more then 50 new faces through her productions respectively.

She wrote, ‘Gloria safo, i just sent you a DM, you say most of you had this impression about me, which of you people supported me during my BAN in 2010, ahaaa…your hate didnt start today. I even promote producers who owe me money.’

In defending herself of the support she has given to the industry, she noted, ‘I have introduced over 50 new faces through my productions.After premieres, events i delete various posts, alot of celebs do that. And just note, IG isnt the only social media platform. Im more active on twitter i promote people i dont even know.’

To read more on YN’s rants on twitter, kindly click thread.



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