COVID 19 and Air Travels: Togo Doctors Angered By Air France Plans to Resume Operation in Lomé.


Covid 19, since its outbreak in China, has been on a rampage, sweeping lives and bringing down economies.

In Togo, the first case of Covid 19 was recorded on 6th March. Today, the country has recorded a little over 250 cases out which 11 people have lost their lives and 96 completely healed. The past week has seen saw cases jumped from 174 cases on Sunday 11th May to 263 cases on Friday 15th May. The average cases per day was 17.8.

In the face of this rapid surge in the number of cases, the Head of the Covid-19 Patient Care Center (CHR Lomé commune), Prof. Majesty Ihou Wateba, brought to light, his concerns about the “rapid” spread of the Coronavirus pandemic in the cities of Togo. He made this known in an interview he granted to a local radio station, Victoire Fm.

According to the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Lomé, the virus is present in almost every community in the country. With this stark reality of the prevalence of the virus in the country, he does not understand the urgent need to have Air France resume its operations in Togo when all countries have been advised to keep it borders closed.

He said “How can we understand that Air France, which is not a Togolese airline, is about to relaunch its activities? Air France has negotiated with African countries and we see everywhere that this company will resume these flights to Africa, in particular to Togo.”

He further stated that the only reason behind this decision is purely economic and does not see the rush for this especially when Air France can be blamed for Togo’s first case.

“When Air France starts its operations, all the reasons they will mention are purely economic. If we have the Coronavirus in Togo today, it is because Air France sent the first cases of Coronavirus to Togo. And when they stopped the flights, the first 100 cases we had to deal with were travelers and contact cases with travelers”

“They brought Covid-19 to Togo, and today the disease has returned to communities where there are cases of HIV, hypertension, and other diseases that increase the risk of death for people affected by Covid- 19. And now we want to allow these companies to bring people to Togo again?” he lamented.


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