Date Rush Season 4: Grandpa Grandpa Is Not A Businessman, He Is A JHS Maths And Science Teacher

Mike Grandpa

Episode 1 of Date Rush Season 4 aired on TV3 yesterday and there were thrilling events worth talking about. Amongst them is Agyare Kwabena Michael, aka Grandpa.

The Date Rush participant, Mike also known as Grandpa, shocked everyone when he wanted to change the rules of the game for the first time by picking two ladies for a date and declined to pick any if he is not getting both Anita and Ruby.

Well, prior to all this drama, Mike profiled himself as a man who is in his early thirties, a businessman, an actor, and a logistic manager at the Digital Media Training Network.

However, its been revealed by a student of the participant that he is nowhere near the profile he gave.

Apparently, according to Tweep, @MrMccallson, Mike is a JHS teacher who teaches Mathematics and Science.

Replying to one of our tweets on twitter, @MrMccallson wrote; “kwasia s3m this man is sir mike oo our jhs maths and science teacher osii d3n business man lmao”

See the post below:


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