One of Ghana’s most versatile artistes, Edem, has revealed that many of his compatriots are “hungry” in this hard time of Corona Virus.

He said “The corona season has shown how our systems and structures have left artiste and musicians in the cold…We work so hard and pose but every single Artiste is “hungry” How do we get paid ..We all Dey hung ..”

The VRMG Boss further laid the facts bare as he categorically stated that Sarkodie, one of Ghana’s most celebrated musician, is yet to make 20K from royalties despite having spent 10 years in showbiz.

In a series of tweets, Edem intimated that many artistes will wallow in poverty if the sorry state of the showbiz industry, as far as structures and systems are concerned, is not revolutionarised to inure to the benefits of all artistes in the future.

In a related development, Reggie n Bollie have also added their voice to the on going debate as they tweeted a video of Ahkan, a former member of Ruff n Smooth, who revealed that their hit song “Swagger” did not generate the needed royalties that it should have when Manny Pacquaio and Joshua Clottey fought in March 2010.



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