Fetish priestess in suit : Nana Agrada causes stir on social media with her dressing


Spiritualist nowadays are no more ‘shy’ to hid and are in the open with most of them appearing on our screens to advertise themselves; notably among them is the famous Nana Agrada.

Well, Nana Agrada posted a picture of herself on Instagram dressed in dazzling suit to the amusement of the fans.

Nana Agrada is really rebranding herself in a bid to bring some swag to her business. Spiritual Swag!

The poplar fetish priestess who is married to a pastor said she wants to make traditional worship very attractive especially to the youth.

 “I wear my smock only when I’m working in my shrine. I like to look good all the time” Nana Agradaa said.

Below are photos and a video she shared photos on her IG:


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