Forget Everybody – Drogba Tells Cyril As Criticisms Over Giving Birth Outside Marriage Gain Grounds


A YOLO Star, John Peasah, popularly known as Drogba or Bra Charles has come to the defence of his colleague actor, Cyril, known in real life as Aaron Adatsi over blastings that he could not practice what he preached in the TV series.

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Social media was in uproar when news broke that the YOLO Star, Aaron Adatsi, has welcomed a baby boy outside of marriage. This was largely because of the role he played in the TV series where he he advocated abstinence from sex until marriage.

Despite releasing a statement on the matter, netizens are still calling for his head in the guillotine for his actions. But his good old friend from the TV series, John Peasah aka Drogba, and arguably in real life, has come to his defence.

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Sharing a picture of them both from one of the scenes in the TV series, John Peasah noted “Bro forget everybody ..we’re all not prefect…anyone who think is perfect should cast the first stone …remember these words in Yolo …Just know we Dey your back …all the best bro.”

Sure, nobody is perfect! Enjoy life Aaron, cheers to fatherhood.



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