Inside Troski, Corona Version


I think trotro is a whole community on its own. The driver being the chief, mate the chief linguists and well, among the passengers, you can find various opinion leaders and my little self.

I am a community member who never says anything but laughs and pretend she has no idea about what’s going on even when the nosy woman is desperately trying to read my messages.

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Sometimes, I spot a hot guy and the flirt in me shamelessly pops up. Well, let’s just say I always have stories to chat about anytime I sit inside one rickety trotro or the other.

Then came Aunty Corona (COVID-19). Imagine sitting inside trotro where people sneeze, cough and rub their sweat on you like scented body lotion.

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These wild imaginations led to wild thoughts of avoiding public transport until COVID is no more but my pocket rejected the thought immediately and exclaimed “madam stop fooling yourself na trotro is your friend!”

Having been disappointed by the sorry state of my pocket, I ended up in one trotro and for the first time, I had a totally different experience than i am used to.

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The all new experience was a relief. Almost everyone wore their mask. The driver observed all protocols provided too. He wore his masks and ensured that there were enough spacing in the vehicle to aid less contact.

Just when I thought some things would change in these new arrangements, I spotted some two women in an unusual hearty chat. On a normal day, I will activate my listening ears but heck!, the nose masks muffled all sounds.

Then some dude picked a call on his huge China phone, putting it on a loud speaker. This guy passed commentaries on the virus and even suggested that the figures were being manipulated for political purposes.

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I couldn’t help but eavesdrop as his companion on the other side of the phone engaged him deeply. At a point, I couldn’t handle it anymore so I took my attention elsewhere.

Whilst trying to find something meaningful for my attention, I noticed the stark reality of contracting the virus. Although everyone appeared confident, seated at the depth of our hearts was the idea of no contacts at all. Corona virus has somehow managed to stop random people rubbing against you in trotro.

Do I miss my overcrowded trotro??? No! But I do miss some of the silly little things that happens inside trotro.

Can’t wait to have a normal trotro ride, including the next passenger trying to read my chats.

Written by Esther Kesewah



  1. Wow, that golden age experience of being asked to shift small, has also come to a halt. Trust me, occupants of trotros are usually more or less a community with every kind of trait, you couldn’t have said it better. Thanks.

    • No shift small matter again! Now, premium is being placed on comfort and safety. It’s just unfortunate that it had to take Covid 19 to let transport operators know that passengers’ safety and comfort are paramount.

  2. Trotro wahala, am glad most trotro drivers are taking the necessary precautions. Hopefully overloading will be a thing of the past even after COVID.

  3. Convid 19 has thought is all lessons we won’t forget when it comes to safety measures in public facilities and transports
    Drivers and conductors are being careful with passengers boarding their vehicles and it’s the step we all need to practice for our own good and the good of our families

  4. I have been using the trotro for quite sometime and even more frequently during the “coro” era due to work. My experience I wouldn’t forget is when one driver started the engine, turned around and said “please if you are not wearing a nose mask, wear it now. If you don’t have one, there’s a lady just out here selling some so buy one and wear it”. One could tell everyone was impressed by him.


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