Just in: Okada rider falls from Mallam Junction Overheard with passenger (+Video)


An Okada rider has fallen off from the Mallam Junction Overhead together with his passenger Ghanarocks.com can report.

The Okada was said to be travelling from Lapaz heading to Kasoa before the sad ordeal happened.

According to reports, the Okada rider was in a haste moving carelessly through the stagnant traffic in other to overtake the cars in front of him to escape the traffic.

The Okada Rider lost control after he hit the side concrete of the overhead leading him and the passenger to fall off from the overhead straight to ground.

The report added that the Okada Rider was not wearing a helmet so his head hit the road leading him to bleed profusely and helplessly to dead. But fortunately, the passenger who took the riders helmet upon boarding the motor survive but is paralyzed and in pain.

Watch the video below:


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