Reports within diplomatic circles indicate that about 5 West African presidents are expected in Bamako, Mali, to help solve the ongoing political unrest, following an apparent impasse between ECOWAS mediators and the opposition factions.

The five leaders, who are from Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Niger and Nigeria are expected to hold peace talks between the President of the Republic of Mali, HE Ibrahim Boubacar Keita (IBK) and some opposition figures to resolve the political crisis that has shaken the country for several months.

The cause of the crisis is reported to have emanated from disputes over some 31 legislative races held several months ago which Mali’s constitutional court had already issued official results.

In June this year, tens of thousands of Malians demonstrated against IBK, pressing home demands that he resigns as President the country even though he is in final presidential term, with 3 more years to go.

As a result of this, President of ECOWAS Commission, HE Jean-Claude Kassi Brou constituted a group of mediators led by Former President of Nigeria, HE Goodluck Jonathan to bring solutions to the table.

According to reports, the mediators proposed ruling coalition which makes up 50 percent of a new unity government, while a proposed 30 percent should be members of the opposition and the remaining 20 percent from civil society groups.

However, opposition figures have kicked against the proposal, insisting that the President leaves office as soon as possible.

To the ECOWAS President, the regional Bloc does not see Keita’s negotiated exit as a possibility as he insisted that resignation of the Malian president is a red line for the community but everything else is negotiable.

With this deadlock, Presidents of Ivory Coast, Niger, Senegal, Nigeria and Ghana are expected to find a common to bring matters to an end in order for peace and stability to prevail.



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