Minister Of State At The Veep’s Office Blames Government For Protracted Western Togoland Chaos


A minister of State at the Office of the Vice President, Alhaji Boniface Abubakar Saddique has insinuated that the NPP is to blame for the protracted Western Togoland separatist chaos in the country.

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The lawmaker made this known when he noted that the agenda has had enough room to operate under this current government because it has been allowed to fester.

Alhaji Saddique was, therefore, of the firm belief that an NDC government would have immediately dealt with the separatist agenda if it had reared its head under their regime.

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He said, “This kind of behaviour has never happened whenever the NDC was in power. Let’s be honest with ourselves.”

According to the former MP for Salaga, the NPP’s belief in democracy and allowing every individual or group to be heard is the bane of this unfortunate events happening in the country.



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