Kwesi Amoah, father of musician Patapa has opened up following reports that his son have been poisoned can report.

Yesterday we reported that, the one corner hit maker has been hospitalized after he was allegedly poisoned.

But, in an interview with his father, he said his son wasn’t poisoned but confirmed he had been sick for weeks now.

“It is not poison, he is sick. It is not confirmed but he is not well for almost two weeks now. He was even supposed to be in Accra”. He said

Patapa and Father

Speaking to, Mr. Kwesi Amoah said his son visited the hospital for first aid adding that his son is not a fan of hospital

It is a small hospital and he went there for first aid. He couldn’t even drive. Though there is a government hospital, people don’t like going there”.

He continued that he can’t fathom why some of his team members would decide to put such a video out in the public.


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