NPP should be careful as these failed promises can kick them into opposition


    The 2020 General Elections is just in the corner and most Ghanaians cannot wait to cast their votes come December 7th.

    With that in mind, has put together some campaign promises of the NPP that have not or not fully been fulfilled.

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    In the first place is the 1 District 1 Factory (1D1F): The president promised to established a factory each in all 216 districts of Ghana. However, the promise has not been fulfilled in its entirety. A check on the official 1D1F website indicates that just 21% has been achieved. Out of the 232 factories estimated to be opened, just 48 have been in existence and actively being operated.

    1 Village 1 Dam (1V1D): Another promise which has which hasn’t been fully achieved is the 1V1D. A check on the official website of the 1V1D indicates that no substantial dam has been created so far since the promise was made prior to the 2016 election.

    Making Accra the cleanest city in Africa: Another promise which is far from achieving is making Accra the cleanest city in Africa. I will personally not blame the government entirely for this one; we the citizens have to help in achieving this fate. Currently, Accra is far from being the cleanest city in Ghana not to talk of Africa.

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    Nevertheless, the scandals that happened during the first term ( Agyapa,PDS etc) as well as the nepotism accusations can’t be overlooked either.

    However, the government has been able to implement most of it promises including the flagship free SHS, restoration of Trainee allowance among the rest.


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