Parliament’s ‘Usain Bolt’ Carlos Ahenkorah reveals why he run with ballot papers

carlos ahenkorah

Man of the moment, Carlos Ahenkorah has finally broken silence after trending on the Ghanaian internet for days after snatching a ballot paper in parliament.

A lot of irregularities ensured during the election of the speaker of Parliament at the inauguration of the 8th parliament of the 4th Republic of Ghana; notably amongst them was Carlos Ahenkorah’s sprint with ballot papers; He snatched a ballot and took to his heels.

Though Ghanaians cannot phantom why leaders of a republic country behaved as such, it is said that everything has its own reasons.

Reacting to the issue in an interview, the Member of Parliament for Tema West said he didn’t intend to run away with the ballot paper but only to show the opponent party members what he is made up of and what he can do.

According to him, the NDC parliamentarians were misbehaving and that him to take that decision.