Rebuilding A Supermarket Is Hard Rebuilding A Nation Is Even Harder – Spar Reacts To Vandalised Shops


The Largest chain of Hypermarket stores in Nigeria, Spar, has reacted to the loot and vandalism on its shops across the country.

Young and old Nigerians, have, for the past days, been in peaceful protests to demand structural reforms in the country’s security make up however, things have gone south and it has resulted in acts of vandalism and looting here and there.

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Spar, an operator of hypermarket in country, fell victim to the looting and has since reacted to the events that led to the October 21 destruction of its stores in Lekki.

Taking to Tweeter, the company posted, “Our Lekki store has been vandalized and looted. But, we acknowledge that this is only a setback compared to the larger issues we are all facing as a nation, and our thoughts and prayers remain with Nigerians everywhere, and for a peaceful resolution to various issues at hand.

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Our beloved customers – we received the your compassionate messages showing your love and support. WE ARE GOING TO STAY STRONG AND STICK TOGETHER. We’ll do our best to make sure your SPAR Lekki is up and running as soon as possible. #sparnigeria #staystrong #lekki

Rebuilding a supermarket is hard. Rebuilding a nation is even harder. We stand with you Nigeria. Stay focused. Be the solution. #sparnigeria #staystrong #sparstrong



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