Rush off or Rush on? If you are an avid viewer of the popular program on TV3 then you will know what the above statement means.

Date Rush is my Sunday night plug. I got hooked after a friend introduced the popular program to me. It made me laugh and I found it very entertaining.

After a while, I started analysing the whole concept. Personally I wouldn’t go on TV to find a date but then, who says there are designated places to find love and companionship? Like the saying goes, we find love in the strangest places.

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In my opinion, the program is a pretty good way to get people to socialize, learn about personal preferences and above all build, one’s self confidence.

From the very cute, funny and spontaneous host, Nii Kpakpo Thompson, to the amazing DJ faculty with his spot on selections and the various personalities that grace the program, this has become a program I would die for!

Last season had ladies behind the rush button whiles the gentlemen came week in week out to find their beautiful dates. This season, the roles are reversed and I am loving it.

I had a discussion with a friend concerning the reverse roles and he said “well the ladies will get to feel the heat this time around.” Turns out he was wrong and right because the ladies who have appeared so far have done my gender proud.

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Last Sunday has been my favourite so far. Well, apart from the famous Ignacious and Freelove saga. This beautiful well endowed lady (Nana Ama) came on the show and gave me reasons to smile for well over 30mins.

She was confident in her own skin. Her personality was amazing and she knew she wanted Micheal even when he turned his rush off. She confidently asked him to turn it back on because she won’t disappoint him and sure enough, she didn’t. No one knows if their date will go beyond the first date or not but I am sure her appearance on the show motivated someone to believe that being big and curvy is very sexy too.

So this Sunday, trust that by 8pm I will be glued to my TV to laugh, watch people crush on each other, learn more about other people and of course, watch my Ezekiel be his sweet funny self and hopefully he will get a date at the end of the episode.




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