A soldier is reported to have fired live ammunition at a civilian in Avédji, Lomé on Thursday. The scene took place at the Sun City crossroads in the late morning.

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The victim reportedly refused to comply with orders, following a verbalization from the police. The situation is currently tense in the neighborhood.

According to several witnesses met on the spot by GhanaRocks.com, the young man was stopped by a soldier for speeding but he failed to comply to orders and sped off, leading to a hot pursuit by 2 soldiers.

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Luck eluded the victim as he came across Togo’s Anti-Gangs patrol team who asked him to stop and hand over his car but he refused to comply for the second time.

In attempt to retrieve the car keys, the soldiers brandished a knife towards the victim’s pocket for the keys but this led to a duel and the victim snatched the knife from the officers.

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He then threatened one of the officers with the knife but was fatally struck by a live bullet from one of the soldiers on the spot.

The young man was still lying in a bloodbath at the time of this reportage. Meanwhile, the insistent calls from the fire brigade continue.

The reinforcements of the defense and security forces have arrived on the scene while the populations stay on at the scene.

Source: GhanaRocks.com


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