Land disputes between Komkomba and Lamba have erupted in Northern Togo. New armed clashes broke out last Monday between the two communities.

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In a statement by the security minister, there are provisionally 1 dead and many injured as well as burned houses.

“On May 15, residents of Kinasiou village were visited by the Komkomba of Tatchibouré armed with rifles. Several injuries have been reported. But on Monday in the same locality, tensions flared up and bloody exchanges led to 1 death, 12 officially injured including 3 seriously injured who are currently hospitalized in Kara. The Komkomba burned houses and attics,” said the security minister in a statement.

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In the attacks, the mayor of the Commune of Dankpen 2 was kidnapped by hooded men.

The minister, General Yark Damehame, disclosed that the commissioner of Dankpen intervened to bring calm and serenity to his district.



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