A human organ trafficker has been arrested by the people of Dalavé in the Commune of Zio 1, in Togo today, 22nd May, 2020. The thug had just finished his operation in the cemetery of Glodome and had in his bag human skulls.

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The event took place in the town of Dalavé (10 km from Tsévié) around 7 am this Friday. According to reports, this trafficker was unlucky this time.

The trafficker was apprehended by passers-by just when he was bringing his operation at the Glodomé cemetery to an end. In his game bag, there were skulls he had removed from the graves that he had just desecrated overnight.

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Responding to a multitude of questions asked by village officials, this young man explained that he was sent by another native of the village by the name of Sakpo Yaovi.

The Chief of Dalavé has since reported the events to the Gendarmerie de Tsévié who moved to the scene and whisked the young trafficker away.

Meanwhile, the police has mounted a manhunt for his sponsor.

Source: GhanaRocks.com


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