[Video] I have been roaming since I died- Bishop Bernard Nyarko


Bishop Bernad Nyarko whose untimely death occurred on the 2nd of May 2020 has not been able to rest in peace since, and has been roaming the whole country trying to deliver a message.

The loss of every human life is tragic, especially, when the person is in his or her prime. The psychological pain that comes with it becomes unbearable for a lot of people.

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Most people wish they can have an opportunity to talk to their loved deceased ones or perhaps see then one more time.

Well, young lady, Ophelia Afia Asante has revealed that she has had a dream about the Late Bishop Bernard Nyarko. She said for a long time she has been dreaming and most of the time, most of her dreams come to pass.

Prior to the dream, she had only seen the Late Bishop just once in Assin Fosu when he was on set shooting a movie with other actors and actresses.

Speaking to Zionfelix in an exclusive interview, she stated that in her dream, she was on her way out of a friend’s house when she saw the Late Bishop Bernard Nyarko approaching.

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Knowing that the Kumawood actor has died, she beckoned those around to look at Bishop Bernard Nyarko. Unfortunately none of all those around could see him but she was the only one seeing him.

Later on, the Bishop asked her to keep quiet and she realized that he went into a house where some people had gathered. Looking well-dressed up with a luggage in hand, she indicated that the Late Bishop entered a room in the house without greeting anyone.

Later on, the Late Bishop revealed to her that ever since he died, he has not had any peace but has been roaming all over the country.


He needs to deliver a message before he can go and rest. The message the Late Bishop Bernard Nyarko gave her was to let people know that they shouldnt worry about things of this world but rather work on their souls using the Word of God.

He also indicated to her that people who are into acting, hairdressing and nails, pubs, night clubs and etc are not acceptable in the sight of God

He also indicated that people should also cultivate the habit of giving and showing love to others.

Believing this may depend on whether you believe in dreams or not

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