Watch the moment a guy grabbed and squeezed Wendy Shay’s a$$

10095 has come across a video making rounds on social media captures Wendy Shay performing whiles her ‘bumbum’ was squeezed

Wendy Shay whilst performing her hit song ‘Emergency’ which features Bossom P Yung at 4Syte TV’s GPower 100, turned to a guy and managed to service him with her huge backside.

The male fan without wasting much time and living up to the saying “opportunity comes but once” grabbed her ass and started squeezing as if his life depended on it.

Wendy Shay was one of the biggest stars to perform on 4Syte TV’s GPower 100 which had artists like Kwesi Arthur, Amerado, Kofi Jamar, Tom D’Frick, DBlack, Kelvynboy, etc. passing through.

Watch the Video:


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