We’ve Failed! Blame Mahama As We Unable To Employ More people – Info Min. KO Nkrumah


After 3 years of steering the affairs of this country, the governing New Patriotic Party continues to blame the economy of erstwhile administration of John Dramani Mahama for its (NPP) inability to employ more people as expected.

This bottom-less pit of blame game became the subject matter again when Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah took his turn on TV3’s “The Key Points“, hosted by Stephen Anti.

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He noted that if the erstwhile administration had done a splendid job on the economy, the Akuffo-Addo led government would have figured out the best way to address recruitment.

He said, “had it not been that various sectors of the economy had gone through the roof under the Mahama-led administration, the Akufo-Addo-led government would have given employment to more alot Ghanaians.”

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“Take the situation of the nurses. Not every person who has graduated from nursing training college has been recruited, not every person has been recruited. We wish that we did not have to inherit an economy like what we did. Because if we inherited a better economy, we would be in a position to recruit a lot more people,” he continued.

In the run up to the 2016 General elections which this government won, candidate Nana Akuffo promised more jobs for young people. He claimed he had a team of competent people to herald a change. This was the genesis of “We have the men” mantra.

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Is it justifiable to say that the government has failed its mandate, following this revelation by the Information Minister?

Over to you!

Source: GhanaRocks.com


  1. We have the men,we have the men,where are the men?Ghanaians handed over the economy of the country into your hands through the lies u peddled againt JDM’s government only for u to come and enrich yourselves through your property owning democrazy,whiles the poor Ghanaian suffer
    When u talk,u will have to walk the talk and not to keep to your dirty blame game for good four years?Accept the fact that u have DRASTICALLY FAILED
    Your government is the only goverment in Ghana’s history to have gotten money from taxes,oil and what have umore than any government,but have nothing to show .Do u think discerning Ghanaians will vote u back into power with ur free Jhs scheme?To whom much is given,much is expected.Shut up and start parking for a better government to come.

  2. What a useless minister and his useless presentation. Were you not those who were always saying that there is money and why are you telling us today that you cannot do better due to poor economy inherited. Did you know not the state of the economy before making those promises. Enough is enough.
    Pack your men and after all you have had enough of the tax payers money go home and spend.

  3. But for the past three and half years in government what have you done,not even a single community secondary school or road.Right now,most of the abundance factories are still rotting at sites.The agricultural sector which boost the economy and provides job opportunities too have fail,so now what again. They should stop talking and do the work.After all Ghanaians will do the judgment on DEC 7.


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