Who In Ghana Has Lied More Than You? – A Plus Quizzes Akufo Addo

A Plus
A Plus

Controversial social commentator and political activist Kwame A Plus has quizzed President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo about who the biggest liar is in this country.

Taking to Facebook, the former darling boy of the Akufo Addo led administration wanted to know why the president practiced the opposite of what they preached when in opposition.

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He wrote;

If one cannot go to the Presidency of Ghana with lies and fabrications why are you the president? Who has lied more than you Akufo Addo in Ghana? You said you were going to reduce ministers, you increased them.

You said you were not going to run a family and friends government, that is the only truth you have told because you are not running a family and friends government, you are running a family government.

Even your friends are crying. You said you’ll build one village one dam, you built one village one pothole. You said you’ll fight corruption but you are always fighting those who are citizen and not spectators and rather clear those who must be punished. Who has told more lies than you?

You see how you are struggling? As president, you are campaigning as if you are in opposition trying to win an election

Source: GhanaRocks.com


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