Legendary Ghanaian female rapper Abrewa Nana has held Obour, former Musiga, responsible for failing to come up with proper intervention to come to Okomfo Kwaadee’s aid.

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In a lengthy post on her Facebook page, Abrewa Nana alleged that she reached out to Obour personally, at the time he was still Musiga President, to organize a fund raiser show to help improve Kwadee’s state but he did nothing to that effect.

Her post read in part, “Just last week, I was on phone with a friend abroad confessing that if I had the means one of the things I would love to do, is to fly Okomfour Kwade3 abroad because I believe strongly that change of environment would be a good therapy for him to destress(eat well, sleep good, go shopping, fun activities, meet new people, seek counselling, record, shoot a video etc.) and trust me with prayers he will be good by the time he comes back within 6months to a year.I said it ‘k3k3″ God is my witness…God is my witness”

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“Someone said the reason why late Benard Nyarko(rip) did not want his colleagues visiting him, another also argued that if the pic hadn’t gone viral, how would we have known what was going on with him. My heart is bleeding right now 💔. I don’t know his situation but definitely a brother needs help and its obvious no be today”

“I remember some years ago, I personally told the ex-president of the musicians union of Ghana to organise a show at the stadium (of which I believed Ghanaians/fans would have supported ) to help him. Was willing to perform for FREE to aid the course and he told me he has thought about it and will put it on agenda; till today!!!”

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Just last week,i was on phone with a friend abroad confessing that if i had the means one of the things i would loved to…

Posted by Abrewa nana on Saturday, May 30, 2020

Source: GhanaRocks.com



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